Why Accessories Are Important

Not every restaurant can perform made-to-order bacon, especially during restaurant peak times. For our Hot Hold®, we have created accessories for the bins to further the perfection of your food items keeping them fresh for each customer. Crispy bacon that lasts over two hours sounds like a happy restaurant to us.

The metal grate fits the Meister Cook amber bins fully so the bacon is protected from the below layer of grease. Rather than having the bacon sit in a layer of grease for all of your lunch rush, it lift it up a couple centimeters. The metal grate enhances texture and flavor, perfecting your bacon for the juiciest and crispiest you'll ever taste.

You may have seen these accessories on our website, and they may look like any other amber been accessory, but they're not.

After years of searching, we found something that will further efficiency in the kitchen at a low cost to you.

Our metal grates are from the highest quality stainless steel. We started in 2006, but just added accessories in 2017. Why did it take us eleven years? We want to provide our customers with only the best, even if it means it takes longer than expected, because we know the outcome will be great, or rather grate.

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