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Meister Cook Technology

The Hot Hold® ThermalBreeze™ Technology achieves high energy efficiency with a thermal air curtain and hot convection air recirculation. Energy harvesting from the warm air stream allows the units to operate with low energy consumption. Simple and quick configuration changes allow for dry or moist food holding. Innovative features allow for easy maintenance, service and quiet operation.

In the 'DRY' setting, our Hot Hold® units use the Bernoulli Effect which is a decrease in static pressure with an increase in air velocity. The Hot Hold® utilizes the Bernoulli Effect, resulting in lower static pressure inside the food pan, to lift off moisture molecules from the surface of your crispy food. In short, this keeps your food fresh and crispy without drying it out! This happens with crispy foods, breaded products, and others.

Not only does our Hot Hold® use science and engineering to make your food better, but it also saves energy.
Meister Cook Hot Hold® in a commercial kitchen
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