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How To Do Breakfast Right

Mornings are easily the most hectic time of the day, we get it. If your restaurant is open before noon, you too know the struggles of morning service. The crowd of singles and parties, especially on Sundays, can get overwhelming for everyone, especially the staff. Nothing is worse than stressed out staff whose performance is then compromised because of outdated, complicated machinery in the kitchen. That's why Meister Cook is here to help.

breakfast sausage and hash browns in restaurant

Breakfast service doesn't have to be stressful. In testing, users of our Hot Hold® reported to be less stressed in the kitchen and were able to perform better as opposed to those who didn't have a Hot Hold® in their kitchen.

Our easy-to-use, newest generation unit does all the hard work for you including letting you know when to cook and dump. Food items in the Hot Hold® last up to three hours, now that's a stress free breakfast.

What all can it hold from your menu? Here's a list of typical breakfast items the Hot Hold® can keep crispy, or moist, and definitely fresh:


Biscuits and gravy

Bread pudding

Breakfast burrito

Baked beans

Chicken-fried steak

Cinnamon rolls

Eggs, in any form

French Ttast




Hash browns, in any form

Home fries





Sausage links and patties



See more than four of your menu items? The Meister Cook Hot Hold® is stackable to maximize counter space and food storage. Don't see something here that you have on your menu? Visit our website and send us a message, we will let you know!

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