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MEISTER COOK Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long will the Hot Hold® keep food hot and fresh?
    The hot and fresh food hold times depend on the food itself. Please refer to the menu guide with suggested hold times at (link coming soon). You may find that you want to change or extend the desired food hold times. Please refer to the Programming section of the manual for easy programming guidance.
  • How easy is it to clean the Hot Hold®?
    Very easy! Please refer to the Cleaning section of the manual. The food pan, food pan inserts, reversible inserts, and removable front panel can be easily cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher. The internal food holding cavity of the Hot Hold® can be cleaned with a damp, soft cleaning towel. Please ensure that no water enters the air intake or air outlet vents.
  • What are the advantages of using the Hot Hold®?
    There are numerous advantages. The Hot Hold® allows food preparation and cooking to be done ahead of time while still maintaining food quality. With the Hot Hold®, customers can be served faster during peak operation hours. When customers are served faster, they will more likely return to your restaurant in the future. The Hot Hold® has even been known to improve food quality by utilizing our patented self-contained recirculating airflow system. A single Hot Hold® can hold up to four (4) different food pans with a variety of products.
  • Will the Hot Hold® work in my restaurant?
    Many users of the Hot Hold® have recognized that they can save on labor costs by cooking and holding their menu items prior to peak hours. Personnel can focus more on selling during these peaks, which leads to lower ticket times and happy customers! Product testimonials can be found here (link coming soon).
  • Can I use the Hot Hold® in my food truck?
    Yes. Many food truck operators enjoy the low energy consumption of the Hot Hold®, especially when the energy output from a food truck generator is limited.
  • How much energy does the Hot Hold® consume?
    During the first 30 minutes of warm-up, the Hot Hold® will operate at approximately 7 Amps, 800 Watts. Although it typically doesn't reach 900W, you should always use this official number for any electrical requirement calculations. While in operation, the Hot Hold® only consumes approximately 350 Watts. The energy consumption varies with the type and amount of food being held in the system.
  • What is the approximate weight of the Hot Hold®?
    The weight of a stand-alone Hot Hold® system is approximately 62 lbs. (approx. 28 Kg). We recommend that two people lift the Hot Hold® since German engineers like heavy metal.
  • How many Hot Hold® systems can I stack on top of each other?
    Up to three (3) Hot Hold® systems can easily stacked. Before stacking, verify that the structure is rated to support the weight of each system fully loaded with food product.
  • How many Hot Hold® systems can I operate from a single 120V/15Amp electric outlet?
    The Hot Hold® is highly energy efficient and up to two (2) systems can be operated from a single 120V/15Amp electric outlet. Of course, this assumes that the circuit is used for nothing else. We always recommend having an electrician involved any time you are installing any electrical restaurant equipment.
  • Can I hold moist and crispy foods at the same time in the Hot Hold®?
    Yes. However, each of the two levels should only hold either moist or crispy foods on a single level. For example, you could select the top level for crispy foods and the lower level for moist foods. Each level must be set for either crispy or moist food.
  • On what surfaces can I place the Hot Hold®?
    The Hot Hold® is equipped with four (4) high temp plastic feet and can be placed on the common kitchen countertops, such as stainless steel, wood, ceramic, marble, or granite. Be sure to verify that the structure is rated to support the weight of each system fully loaded with food product.
  • Can I place the Hot Hold® in a cabinet?
    The certification requires that the Hot Hold® is placed away from walls with a minimum of 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the sides and 2 inches (5.08 cm) from the back. The Hot Hold® should never be placed in an environment where it could overheat for lack of ventilation.
  • Do I need to use Meister Cook food pans and food pan inserts?
    It is recommended to use Meister Cook recommended food pans and inserts for the Hot Hold®. Many other food pans and inserts do not fit properly and could cause issues. Choosing the correct pans and accessories will ensure that best performance and food quality are obtained. We currently prefer the ⅓ size high temperature amber bins made by Cambro.
  • What is the length of the power cord?
    The length of the power cord on the Hot Hold® is approximately 6 feet (182 cm).
  • What type of electric plug does the Hot Hold® use?
    It is a generic 120V/15Amps electric plug, NEMA 5-15P.
  • Can I use the Hot Hold® at home?
    The Hot Hold® is designed as a commercial appliance to be operated in a commercial restaurant setting by foodservice professionals. The use of the Hot Hold® at a residence will void the warranty. In addition, the use of the Hot Hold® at a home residence may cause danger for use by non-foodservice professionals.
  • What type of steel is used in the Hot Hold®?
    The Hot Hold® is made from high quality 304 stainless steel.
  • What types of pans can I use with Hot Hold®?
    The Meister Cook High Temperature Amber Food Pans are designed to hold high heat foods in any commercial kitchen. They are made from strong, durable material to withstand temperatures of up to 375°F (190°C). The food pan's convenient non-stick smooth interior surface increase yields and promotes easy cleaning. We have options with no handle to avoid potential counter space intrusions, but we also have options with handles for easy quick service environments. Our Pans approximate dimensions: 6 15/16" x 12 3/4" (17.6cm x 32.5cm), pan depth 2 1/2" (6.5cm), approximately capacity 2.5 qt (2.4 liters). The Meister Cook High Temperature Amber Food Pans are made by Cambro Manufacturing Company.
  • Do I need to leave the foods pans inside the Hot Hold® even when they are empty?
    Yes. To take advantage of the highly energy efficient recirculating airflow system of the Hot Hold®, all four food pans, full or empty, should always be inserted. Without the food bins, it is similar to operating an oven with the door open.
  • What is the shutdown procedure of the Hot Hold®?
    Turn off the Hot Hold® and wait until it has cooled down. Unplug the equipment before cleaning it.
  • What kind technology does the Hot Hold® use?
    The Hot Hold® ThermalBreeze™ Technology achieves high energy efficiency with a thermal air curtain and hot convection air re-circulation. Energy harvesting from the warm air stream allows the DMW units to operate with low energy consumption. Simple and quick configuration changes allow for dry or moist food holding. Innovative features allow for easy maintenance, service and quiet operation. Designed and Manufactured in the USA, US Patent #9,027,470
  • What is the Bernoulli Effect?
    The Bernoulli Effect describes a decrease in static pressure with an increase in air velocity. The Hot Hold® utilizes the Bernoulli Effect, and the resulting lower static pressure inside the food pan, to lift off moister molecules from the surface of your crispy food. This keeps your food fresh and crispy without drying it out!
  • Why is the Hot Hold® so energy efficient?
    The Hot Hold® uses ThermalBreeze™ Technology achieve high energy efficiency with a thermal air curtain and hot convection air re-circulation. Energy harvesting from the warm air stream allows the Hot Hold® to operate with low energy consumption.
  • What is the approximate weight of the shipping box including the Hot Hold® upon delivery?
    The box delivered with the Hot Hold® weights approximately 68 lbs. (approx. 31 Kg). We recommend that two people lift the box.
  • Do accessories such as food pan or food pan inserts ship in the same box than the Hot Hold®?
    No. Food pans and food pan inserts are shipped in a separate box.
  • How long does shipping take?
    In the U.S. the Hot Hold® ships UPS Ground from Fort Wayne, Indiana. In Canada the Hot Hold® ships from Mississauga, Ontario. Depending on the delivery location, shipping may take 2-5 business days.
  • Can I expedite the shipping?
    Yes, expedite charges will apply. Please contact Meister Cook customer service if you would like to expedite shipping.
  • How do I claim a shipping damage?
    Please follow the instructions on how to claim shipping damage here. It is important to notify Meister Cook customer service immediately here as soon as a shipping damage has be discovered.
  • Is there a lead time when I order my Hot Hold®?
    Meister Cook strives to ship your Hot Hold® either the same or next day if your unit is in stock.
  • Is it easy to program the Hot Hold® to fit my menu items?
    Yes! Many food items are already pre-programmed in the Hot Hold®. To select certain foods for certain food bins please refer to the programming section of the manual for easy programming guidance. The guide will also shows how to change the name, temperature, dump time, and cook time of your food item.
  • Are there videos for programming the Hot Hold®?
    Meister Cook is currently creating videos for programming the Hot Hold®, as well as other helpful videos. Please check here to see new videos as they are published.
  • What does DUMP TIME mean?
    The dump time is the maximum food hold time. The maximum food hold time has been preprogrammed for all foods, but you can customize it to meet your specific needs. Once the dump time has been reached you will hear a continuous beep and the display will read Attn DUMP. Just press the display button and the timer will deactivate.
  • What does COOK TIME mean?
    The COOK TIME timer is an estimate of the time that it will take to cook more of that food item. You can customize the COOK TIME to fit your needs.This timer will activate to give you enough time to cook more food before the existing food in the bin has reached its maximum food hold time. When the timer activates you will hear a continuous beep and the display will read Attn COOK. Just press the display button and the timer will deactivate.
  • Does the Hot Hold® operate with a first-in-first out method?
    Yes. If more than one food pan contains the same food, you can track which food pan needs to be used first. The display with be brighter for the food pan that was filled first, so the operator will take food from it first. Once empty, pressing the bin button will indicate that the pan is empty and the next one filled will brighten its display. Just make sure you get food from the bin that has a bright display and you will always be using the food that went in first!
  • How long is the warranty of the Hot Hold®?
    Our Hot Hold® comes with a one-year replacement warranty that begins the day your unit ships. We have more details on the warranty here.
  • How do I claim warranty on my Hot Hold®?
    Hot Hold® warranty claims begin with our Warranty Claim Form available here. Please have the serial number of your Hot Hold® ready. You can find the serial number on the identification label on the back of your Hot Hold®.
  • How does Meister Cook administer the warranty on a Hot Hold®?
    Once a Warranty Claim Form has been submitted, Meister Cook will review the claim within 24hr. Once the purchase has been verified, Meister Cook will ship a new or an equal-to-new manufacturer refurbished unit to replace the unit under warranty. The replacement unit will come with a return shipping label. Use the box the replacement came in to return the unit under warranty. It’s that easy.
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