Watch the video above to learn how to operate the food timers. Read below on an example of how the food timers work.

The Meister Cook Hot Hold® is equipped with a timer to let you know when it is time to replace your food. The timer also warns you when to start cooking more food.

Remember, the Meister Cook Hot Hold® is not an oven. All food must be properly cooked to a food safe temperature prior to placing it in the H...


Reading the Operator’s Manual is vital to learn about the Dos and Don'ts when using the Hot Hold®. We have summarized some of the biggest mistakes and more important rules to follow to keep you and others around you safe. At Meister Cook, we put high value in safety in order to make a good example for our customers. The following what you need to know.

Safety Rules when Operating the Meister Cook Hot Hold®:

Read t...


Not every restaurant can perform made-to-order bacon, especially during restaurant peak times. For our Hot Hold®, we have created accessories for the bins to further the perfection of your food items keeping them fresh for each customer. Crispy bacon that lasts over two hours sounds like a happy restaurant to us. 

The metal grate fits the Meister Cook amber bins fully so the bacon is protected from the below...


Introducing the new HotHold™ - Energy efficient with a fully customizable menu, USB port for easy software and menu updates, food timer, stackable, and much more. Available now!

Meister Cook’s Dry Moist Food Warmer (Hot Hold™ Series) with ThermalBreeze™ Technology achieves high energy efficiency with a thermal air curtain and hot convection air recirculation. Energy harvesting from the warm air stream allows the Hot H...


All your restaurant's fried seafood favorites remain crispy for hours in with our Hot Hold™ "Dry" setting. A fried calamari ring appetizer has never been more appetizing!

Hot convection air never touches the food but rather glides over to avoid over-drying and hold at a hot and safe temperature. 


Available later this year, our newest generation Hot Hold™ is our best yet. Featuring the latest and most efficient technology, Meister Cook provides the tools for your restaurant to succeed.


Hot Hold™ is perfect for food trucks given the low energy consumption of the unit and easy access to warm and fresh food.


 Using the "Moist" setting on Hot Hold™ mashed potatoes can be held for hours while still maintaining their original flavor and texture.


The Meister Cook Hot Hold™ utilizes ThermalBreeze™ technology to keep foods such as chicken nuggets crispy on the outside while keeping them moist and juicy on the inside. 

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March 16, 2018

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