The Hot Hold® ThermalBreeze™ Technology achieves high energy efficiency with a thermal air curtain and hot convection air recirculation. Energy harvesting from the warm air stream allows the units to operate with low energy consumption. Simple and quick configuration changes allow for dry or moist food holding. Innovative features allow for easy maintenance, service and quiet operation.

In the 'DRY' setting, our Hot H...


Mornings are easily the most hectic time of the day, we get it. If your restaurant is open before noon, you too know the struggles of morning service. The crowd of singles and parties, especially on Sundays, can get overwhelming for everyone, especially the staff. Nothing is worse than stressed out staff whose performance is then compromised because of outdated, complicated machinery in the kitchen. That's why Meiste...


Hot Hold™️ reduces stress in the kitchen and creates more time for employees to be spending elsewhere. A less stressful kitchen leads to both happier employees, management, and customers.

Chefs know exactly when to Dump and Cook more food with our Hot Hold™️ timers. The display will show "ATTN COOK" and later "ATTN DUMP" on the display of your unit -- it's that easy. With Meister Cook, your food will never be overcook...


Our patented Hot Hold™ food holding system keeps food fresh and warm for hours. From eggs to bacon, Meister Cook supplies the equipment to suit your restaurant's needs!

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Using Hot Hold™ In Your Food Truck

March 16, 2018

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September 12, 2018

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